Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kids get concussions playing football

         I watched a news story this morning where they were discussing 5 kids who got concussions playing football, all in one game. The discussion veered a little off, however, when the reporters started to suggest that either kids' contact sports be banned or extra safety precautions be taken. Their main suggestion was that a trained medical staff be present during practice and games. This got me to thinking, how many of these rich schools ACTUALLY have the funding available to hire a medical team, when the schools that my sons go to CAN'T EVEN AFFORD an ART or MUSIC TEACHER! And what does it mean for those schools that cannot afford the extra staff? Are we going to ban contact sports for these schools, only to let the rich play? BAH! What's next people? Do we need to put in escalators so kids don't fall down steps? How about taking away pencils so nobody accidentally pokes themselves? Should we rip up all the concrete walkways so there are no skinned knees? Let's face the facts. Contact sports can be dangerous, and accidents do sometimes happen, but banning or over-regulating them is just plain silly!

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