Monday, November 19, 2012

Conversation starters

     Life could be so much easier if we could meet people on the fly, and some social lovers have no problem doing just that. I, like many, have a problem coming up with funny and engaging topics so I sometimes keep a cheat sheet of conversation starters handy for rough times. So next time you are stuck trying to talk to that cute chick at the party and run out of interesting things to talk about try one of mine!

  • Things you have done while drunk. Some of us could go for days on this subject. Have you ever gotten lost on your way home from the bar and had to call someone for directions to your own home?
  • Your favorite/most hated reality show. We all have a favorite and a most hated, from the Real World to American Idol and everyone seems to have an opinion one way or the other.
  • Belief of ghosts or aliens. You can potentially get some weird answers here. Been probed lately?
  • Pranks. Have you ever had a funny prank played on you? How about one you've played on someone? Don't be afraid to bring back those memories from summer camp!
  • Your favorite cuss word. Many people cuss, and discussing one's favorite uses of their beloved cuss words can lighten the mood. If people don't cuss then they will usually have words they use instead which can be interesting as well.
  • Pets. Pet lovers will always have something to talk about and those that don't like pets can yap about their hate for the furry little ingrates.
  • Make shit up! Examples: "If you were on a deserted island, name one thing you couldn't do without", "If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?"etc...The odder the question, the better the answers will be.
  • Pet Peeves. Everybody has one, what's yours?
  • Birthdays! Something we all have, right? Well, questions like what did you do on your last b-day?, where did you go & with whom did you spend it with? can get some wonderful conversation starters and some unexpected answers, too!
     These are just a few I had in mind to see if I could get conversation going here. What are the oddest things you use to start conversations?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Secede or Not to Secede?

     Have you already signed the petition to secede? Before you do, maybe you would like to read up a little bit on the long forgotten Civil War. Remember that one? That was the war where half of the country wanted to secede from the union and the other half decided to kick the dog shit out of them and then wiped their noses in it for even thinking that they could ever be independent. In fact, there is a law that states that seceding is illegal! I would be willing to bet that it would happen again. What I'm wondering is why, exactly, people would want to secede from the U.S. in the first place? Let's weigh some pros and cons, shall we?


  • Individual economies. Having individual economies would make it so that each ex-state would be on the hook for their own financial success or failure. If an ex-state did well they wouldn't have to give a "kickback" to the U.S. to help the ones who didn't fair as well. Those that didn't have strong economies would possibly be more motivated to rectify the situation if there was no country to prop them up.
  • Increased States Rights. Some states are constantly at odds with the government's laws, take marijuana for example. It is now legal in several states, (13 I think...I could probably remember better if I didn't smoke so much) but is still TECHNICALLY illegal. At any time the federal government can intervene and lock people up over it. Seceding would solve these issues in a heartbeat. With a state government each state would be responsible for making the laws that they are comfortable with.
  • State Military. Each State would eventually have their own military, and along with it the say so of whether or not to get involved with other countries' wars. Since there are plenty of people who would rather not be in overseas wars, this could be a good thing.


  • Individual economies. Just as this could be considered a pro, it can be considered a con. If the state cannot support itself, it will have nothing to fall back on. Say goodbye to SSI, EBT, Medicaid, USDA, etc...
  • State Constitution. Each state would have to make their own constitution. Some my allow slavery again, others could ban guns, and still others might be more socialist in their approach. It could get confusing real quick.
  •  Civil War, Anyone? Without being in the Union the United States could EASILY come up with a reason to invade.
  • New Leaders. You think that our officials are corrupt? How about if the state next to yours decides to elect a warlord, dictator, or some other wacko that wants to invade your state?

     In my opinion the U.S. would never allow any one state to secede. It would result in one large clusterfuck anyway. What we should be focusing on is getting ourselves and our government working together instead of bickering like a couple of four year olds fighting over the last cookie. But, alas, that will probably never happen either.