Friday, November 9, 2012


     For thousands of years people have been alluding to the end of the world, but is the end upon us now? I doubt it., though I do believe that we may soon be in for a rough ride here on our beautiful blue planet. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The Mayan Calendar-The Mayan Calendar states that there have been three worlds before us,and that we are living in the fourth. It is very specific that there will be some changes come Dec. 21, 2012, but does not actually state that the world will end. According to them there have been worlds before, and will be worlds after, and that is the opposite of END.
  • The Alignment of the Planets-Our most current astronomers have noted that the center of the Milky Way galaxy will cross with the path of our sun, aligning with the planets, specifically at 11:11 GTM on 12/21/12. Now, I don't know much about what this will do to us, but I do know a little about gravity. I do know that the gravity from our own moon causes our planet to alter its shape daily, hence the rising and falling of the tides. That inkling of knowledge leads me to believe that there may be some seriously bad effects from EVERYTHING aligning. 
  • Super Volcano- According to historians and geologists the Yellowstone National Park is part of a super volcano that erupts around every 600,000 years. It has been 640,000 since it has last erupted. It has been proven that when this thing goes off it negatively affects every inch of the Americas (North and South) coating them with ash and harmful chemicals. Geologist have shown that the last eruption spread ash all the way to Europe, most likely causing crop and livestock failure.
  • Solar Flares- Occasionally our sun kicks out a little burp of radiation that can have adverse reactions to our radio and electrical systems. I believe that, without services like electric, phone, and radio our lives will soon go downhill. The upside is that these effects are not permanent, and only last for as long as it takes to repair the damages. Clearly not an end to the world as we know it.
  • Unknown Planet?-Spread across written time there are no less than four religions that chronicle the passing of an unknown and rogue planet. The Sumerians, Christians, Egyptians, and the Celtic all relate to a planet that comes near us from time to time...could they all be wrong about a planet coming so close to Earth? 
     No matter what happens to us, I believe that the human race will preserve and endure for some time to come. I think that these things have occurred time and time again, and yet we are still here. We will not only endure, but pass on our knowledge and legacy to the next generation just as we have for the last hundred thousand years..VIVA the human race!

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