Monday, November 12, 2012

What's the Deal With..

     We all run across many confusing things throughout the course of our day. Things that make us ask who, where, why, how, what's the deal with that, and WTF?

     So what's the deal with black comedians who refuse to upgrade their material? You know the ones...The ones who still do the whole "A black guy walks this way and a white guy walks like this" shtick. Isn't this humor a bit outdated yet? I will admit that I found it funny when Richard Prior or Eddie Murphy did it, you know, about thirty years ago. Nowadays when comedians pull out these relics I quickly find something else to do. Write some new material already!

     What's the deal with the people who can't accept your answer to anything? These are the people who, when you tell them you are an Independent, they ask if you lean democratic or republican. Tell them you're Atheist, they say "you mean Agnostic?" If you ask for a large at Starbuck's they ask if you mean Grande..I don't care you coffee jockey, just pour me some damn coffee! These are the kind of people who you want to punch after talking to them for two seconds. Douches!

      What's the deal with inflation? This concept is something I refuse to grasp. For thousands of years civilization had gotten along just fine without continuously jacking up prices year after year for no apparent reason at all. The last hundred or so years someone decided that we don't need to follow the proven formula anymore, and the shit hit the fan. I blame it all on greedy people.

     Who the hell does Donald Trump think he is, and why does the media think we care about his opinions and views? He is a greedy businessman who "started" his career by borrowing 100 million from his father. Give me the opinion of a guy who started a billion dollar company in his basement and keep this greedy fellow with a raccoon hairpiece off the air and out of the news, thank you.

     When are we going to come to the realization that a global economy just isn't good for the United States? I mean, you can have sex with a U.S. hooker for $50, and a hooker in Thailand for $1, but the Thailand chick will leave you with a little something nasty! Stick with the U.S., it may cost more but is better for your health in the long run.

     What's the deal with new medications having worse side effects than the thing they are supposed to be treating? It seems that every other pill commercial on T.V. is for something simple like a rash, but the side effects include watery bowel syndrome, puss filled toenail juice, chronic brain failure, and the like. WTF?


     So what's bugging you today? Post your "What's the deal with.." comments below.

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