Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is a Ghost?

What is a Ghost?

                HAPPY HALLOWEEN

          I have seen every type of ghost imaginable tonight! Among them all I was fortunate enough to see the cute little kid ghost, the teenage I-was-too-lazy-to-make-a-costume ghost, and I even saw a slutty ghost! (This is just a pretty chick with a too short sheet on and presumably nothing underneath) I seen so many that I felt the urge to open up a can of worms and ask the ultimate question, "What is a Ghost?" I asked every child, teenager, and parent that came to the door begging for tiny chunks of chocolate and I made them answer before they got their treat! "Tootsie roll for your thoughts?" I said, and these are some of the funnier answers.

  1. "Ghosts are the bedsheets from my teenage years come back to taunt me."-This funny little nugget came not from the power ranger I asked, but was shot over the shoulder of the  un-costumed father as they walked away .
  2. "Ghost are just people faking they're dead."-Now, this wouldn't be funny by itself, but it came from the mouth of the most innocent and tiny princess on the block so I got a giggle out of it.
  3. "Ghosts go Ba-aa-aa"-I think spiderman was either hard of hearing tonight, or eager to move to the next house, so I gave him two pieces and sent him on his merry way.
  4. "Those are my brothers, have you seen them?"- The ninja turtle's mother promptly told me that her two oldest sons were teenage I-was-too-lazy-to-make-a-costume ghosts this year. She was quite angry about her ruined sheets.
  5. "To be a ghost or not to be a ghost, that is the question."-Touche, to the quick witted child dressed as shakespeare, but I asked "what is a ghost?" not "Would you be a ghost?" Good answer though.

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